Welcome to a new way of thinking about AMS contracts.

Astute Business Solutions has developed a Flexible Application Management Services offering around PeopleSoft legacy and current versions for organizations that seek to retain an agile IT team while distributing non-core support services to partners.

  • How flexible is your current vendor contract with PeopleSoft Application Management?

  • Does your current vendor contract offer upgrade services?

  • Do you know how many hours they really spend on your AMS?

  • How do you know your AMS is helping you be truly agile?

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Flex-AMS for PeopleSoft

We realize that not all businesses need constant support for their PeopleSoft instances. Our Flex-AMS is designed to fit the changing needs of our clients, and yet, retain the confidence of their applications running at peak efficiency.


At times, you just need a point & support to resolve a minor issue or fix an upgrade miss-step and are seeking a short, fixed-bid support solution. Our Flex-Ticket is designed to help you with just that.our team of experts can help resolve your issues in clearly defined process, and in a fixed window. You pay just for that ticket, and regain your application performance.


When you are planning some module release or a feature change, you need a set of experts to work for a fixed period over some months. Your scopof project could change or your business requirements could alter. Our Flex-Bank is a scheme where you buy a fixed number of hours per month for a defined set of months. Our shared services team will be at your disposal for these hours and you have full control of your project.


As your business grows, you need to ensure your PeopleSoft instances are aligned to your business processes. Many times, these could be long-term changes that you need to manage over many quarters. Our Flex-Support helps in many ways to help you:

  • Monitor the health of your applications
  • Optimize their performance
  • Do you know how many hours they really spend on your AMS?
  • How do you know your AMS is helping you be truly agile?

Is your organization ready to have an AMS contract that offers everything you need, but nothing you don’t

Join our group of satisfied customers who have benefited from our flexible AMS solutions. Companies such as Morrison and Foerster, TIAA-CREF, Polycom, Spectralink, Hilton, Net Ratings, and many more.

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